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About Us

Tired of the same old same old? Your ride not looking as good as it did when when was new? Let Art For Cars make your car or truck into a thing of beauty.

Art for Cars’ experienced team of designers and photographers are set to help you choose the perfect look for your wheels. Dig into our 150,000 image library and find the image you need to improve your image. We can provide wraps and skins for your ride for the fraction of the cost of getting a new one. Wrapping is less than half of a repainting, and if you decide it’s not ‘you’ in six months, it can be peeled off and you can select another.

Art for Cars began as an offshoot from Jan Faul's art & photography. The company was born to redirect existing photography into high quality imagery for use on automobiles. We knew that large format photographs could become 3-dimensional art and after the application of many hours of imagination, the shift to art for cars became a possibility. Jan Faul's extensive collection of panoramas could be made to fit and become beautiful and protective additions to cars.

The first concepts appeared in 2011, after preliminary sketches showed that redesigning the shape of an image to fit a car could be done. Within a year we had developed over 150 concepts. After exploring wrap technology and finding they were exclusively used as advertising, development began in earnest. We have not found another provider of art for cars. Commercial art yes, but not strictly for enjoying the combination of curves and content.

Art4carz provides a dual purpose in providing an individual with a personalized car while at the same time protecting the finish.


Email your questions and comments to jf(at)art4carz.com or simply click the mail icon below.

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To view more photographs that could be placed on your car visit Jan Faul's website.

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Concept Designs

Any of these wraps can be adapted to fit the make and model or your choice!

Click the cars above to view images of the production process or take a peak at the completed cars in the photo gallery.

The Production Process

  1. Work on your car’s wrap begins when we receive a $150 non-refundable Design Fee through PayPal at prints@artfaul.com. We need your make, model, and year of manufacture and/or the first 10 letters and numbers of your VIN so we can ensure that we have a design for the correct model car.

  2. After receipt of the Design Fee, we begin production of the design within 14 days and work with you to have the final design within six weeks.

  3. Any design shown on our web site can be developed for your car even though it may be displayed on another brand. There are hundreds of makes and models in the US market and it is impossible to show them all.

  4. Before production of your car’s wrap begins, we will send you a sample print showing the color and detail of the car on the driver’s door, and images of all your car’s panels as they will appear in production so you may correct or add features.

  5. We print on 3M materials as they will not damage the finish or your car and we recommend that in case of an order coming from outside our service area, that we print and ship the wrap to an Authorized 3M Certified Installer for installation. We recommend 3M Certified Installers only.

  6. Wrapping a car takes about a week, as the body has to be prepared, components need to be disassembled and removed (headlights, taillights, trim, and door handles, etc), and after the installation of the wrap, the car must be reassembled, cleaned, and inspected for installation quality.

  7. Contact Information:

    e-mail: jf@art4carz.com

    phone: 240-988-7744

    PayPal e-mail address: prints@artfaul.com to place an order

The Production Process

Photos of Wrapped Cars


Purchase prints to hang on your wall.


  1. What is a vinyl wrap?

    A vinyl wrap is not an edible sandwich. Vinyl wraps or decals protect the factory finish on a car. If a car has been repainted by a body shop not using a factory authorized Clear Coat, the finish could damage the wrap. If a car body has been refinished with fiberglas, or other composite materials, the wrap may not stick to those areas.

    Wraps can also change the finish of the car to matte or even velvet.

  2. Are vinyl wraps removable? If so, how?

    Wraps are removable with a heat gun used very sparingly. When the wrap has been removed, the exterior of the car should be wiped down with a solvent to release the last of the vinyl’s glue. The vinyl will come off in small pieces, and will be easier to remove during warm weather or when the car ’s skin is warm.

  3. Will the vinyl wrap compromise my car's finish in any way?

    Properly applied 3M wraps are designed not to damage a car’s finish.

  4. Are there any environmental conditions (extreme heat, cold, etc) that should be avoided?

    Wraps are not damaged by hot or cold, but if you are using an ice scraper or sharp instrument to clear snow off your car, you may damage your wrap.

  5. Can vinyl wraps be repaired (tears, dings, scratches, vandalism, etc)?

    Yes and no. For minor repairs, the installer or the customer can try to match the color/texture with a Pantone marker. For major damage, contact your insurance carrier.

  6. Will my car insurance cover damage to my vinyl wrap?

    Yes, most insurance companies do. Ask your provider for details. They will need photographs of your car with the wrap installed.

  7. Can you create a wrap for my car from an image that I provide?

    It’s not usually possible to use customer provided materials. The images we use are very high resolution. We can make photographs especially for you, but it is an extra charge.

  8. Will a vinyl wrap violate the terms of my new car warranty?


  9. Will a vinyl wrap violate the terms of my lease?


  10. Should the wrap be removed prior to sale or trade-in?

    That’s up to you. The wrap will protect the finish and if it is not advertising, the new owners may want to leave it where it is. If not, the wrap can be removed in a few hours by an installer.

  11. What if I'm not happy with the applied wrap?

    This is why we generate proofs and do not proceed with installation until the customer signs off on it and returns the proof. We try to match the concept car as closely as possible. We want your wrap to look as spectacular as it possibly can.